BTC, ETH or Altcoins now ? BTC $52,000 to $45,000, ETH 4,400 to 3,500

Today had receive quite number of friends message me the similar question, which was asked “should I sell my coins now ? seem the dropping still on going.”

this had recall me a photo which virally spread in social media previously.

When BTC $3,500 no one is queuing to buy, when BTC $32,000 everyone is rush and queued to buy.

investment is a risk vs profit management.

Do believe crypto market could be growth into bigger market cap?

I think this question able to answer yours question.

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People may confuse why sometime people use coins and some time tokens?

In general, both are referring to the same thing which is crypto (crypto).

Some people is a bit particular with the the naming. Coins are the crypto asset that from the chain, example Bitcoin, Etheruem, Tron, NEM, ChainLink, Polka dot, ADA, BNB and more. As token, could be some crypto asset that created via the existing chain (USDT-stablecoin, Shiba inu, AAVE, UNI, MKR and more) with a protocol or widely mentioned as Smart Contract.

Just a day ago, Elon Musk announced no longer accepting Bitcoin as payment for…


This morning 8AM (Malaysia time +8 GMT) $SHIB Make a morning bucked alarm to Asian, Huge number of $SHIB cash out created a dip.

The reason behind could be highly to Humanity action made by Vatalik Buterin (VB) with a donation of 50 Trillion $SHIB (worth around 1.2B on that time) to Indian Covid-crypto funds.

But, also a statement published by western media is "VB had told dog-themed memcoin creators to bark up another tree." this is sound like, want to give the MEME coins a lesson.

From $SHIB community group had made a…

$SHIB , Shiba Inu (with the nick name of Dogekiller) born after the Doge coin and get listed into several major CEX (Centralised Exchange) such as MXC, Huobi and Binance.

MXC which have the starting price at 0.0000015, which few day later was listed in Huobi at 0.000002 and within day rose to 0.000022 (is another +1000%). Just a few hours before Binance open $SHIB for trading few days later, price had pushed to 0.00003.

Just in a few days this Memecoin (A memecoin is a joke that turns into a crypto coin) +1,900%.

if to compare with Dogecoin which…

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Blockchain enthusiast, Corporate Crypto Advisor

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