$SHIB , Shiba Inu (with the nick name of Dogekiller) born after the Doge coin and get listed into several major CEX (Centralised Exchange) such as MXC, Huobi and Binance.

MXC which have the starting price at 0.0000015, which few day later was listed in Huobi at 0.000002 and within day rose to 0.000022 (is another +1000%). Just a few hours before Binance open $SHIB for trading few days later, price had pushed to 0.00003.

Just in a few days this Memecoin (A memecoin is a joke that turns into a crypto coin) +1,900%.

if to compare with Dogecoin which had rose 25,000% is still some distance! This had created one Los Angeles Man become millionaire as he invested $180,000 on Feb 05, 21, when the price was $0.045 . With current value ($0.5) of his investment is more than $1 million

Now is the million dollar question for you,
"Will you ALL-IN $SHIB ? "

Not a financial advice. Just random dumb thought of my own

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